Sensory Sensitive Eucharist Sundays 5:30pm

The 5:30pm Sensory Service will not be meeting for the next three weeks.  Go here for updates on this service.


At St. Mark’s, we realize that a Sunday morning worship service is sometimes challenging to families with sensory sensitive children and children on the autistic spectrum.  Our weekly Eucharist on Sunday afternoons at 5:30 p.m. was designed just for this need (beginning on February 22, 2015).  We are meeting in the chapel near the corner of Flint and W. College Streets; please allow your kids to sit where they want and to interact in whatever way they desire.  You do not need to feel self-conscious or concerned, as we are very glad you are here and look forward to you worshiping and praying with us.  The sermon for this service will be presented in a child-friendly way, and the sermon from the 10 a.m. service will be online if you wish to listen to it at a later time. We hope you find this service accessible, prayerful, and welcoming for all the members of your family.