Sensory Sensitive Eucharist Sundays 5:30pm

The 5:30pm Sensory Service will not be meeting for the next three weeks.  Go here for updates on this service.


At St. Mark’s, we realize that a Sunday morning worship service is sometimes challenging to families with sensory sensitive children and children on the autistic spectrum.  Our weekly Eucharist on Sunday afternoons at 5:30 p.m. was designed just for this need (beginning on February 22, 2015).  We are meeting in the chapel near the corner of Flint and W. College Streets; please allow your kids to sit where they want and to interact in whatever way they desire.  You do not need to feel self-conscious or concerned, as we are very glad you are here and look forward to you worshiping and praying with us.  The sermon for this service will be presented in a child-friendly way, and the sermon from the 10 a.m. service will be online if you wish to listen to it at a later time. We hope you find this service accessible, prayerful, and welcoming for all the members of your family.


Coffee with Rector Sunday 9am

Sunday, Feb 8 at 9am, will be this month’s coffee with the Rector.  Our coffee will be Starbucks Casi Cielo from Guatemala (single origin coffee).

We will discuss any questions you may have, and also our possible upcoming trip to England.  


St. Mark’s goes to England

Due to lack of interest, St. Mark’s will not be going to England in 2015.  Stay tuned for a possible trip in 2016!

St. Mark’s goes to England!

More details on St. Mark’s England trip, including dates, prices, and tentative itinerary.  Please let Fr. Jesse know ASAP if you are interested in going.  In order to go, we will need at least a group of 10 people or larger (if 14 go, we all save $100).